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‘Evelyn Lowkey Jealous’: Fans Remark on Evelyn Lozada’s ’90s-themed Costume That Seems to Be an Ode to Tami Roman

Evelyn Lozada’s costume for a ’90s-themed party appears to have unintentionally paid homage to her “Basketball Wives” co-star Tami Roman, but it doesn’t seem as if Lozada was aware of that.

Lozada on Thursday posted photos and a video of herself in the getup, which saw her portraying Peggy Bundy from the sitcom “Married … With Children.” The sitcom ran on Fox from 1987 to 1997, making the character a good fit for the theme-party.

“Where’s Al? #PeggyBundy #90’sSitcomParty 🤣” Lozada captioned a photoset of her in costume as the self-described housewife of the Bundy household.

The star also uploaded a video of her scurrying into her SUV, apparently en route to the party. The show’s theme song, “Love and Marriage,” played over the clip.

“’And if you had what other men have, I wouldn’t need batteries anymore’ ~ #PeggyBundy #MarriedChildren #90’sSitcom,” she captioned the April 18 video.

However, fans who saw Lozada’s photo noticed she bore a striking resemblance to Roman’s “Married … With Children” character, Meg, who appeared in one episode as the spitting image of the character played by Katey Sagal. The coincidence was noted on Instagram, and lots of fans began chiming in.

“Now who was petty enough to look this up😂”

“Evelyn low key jealous of #tamiroman.’

“Lol who honestly knew tami was on this show for y’all to pull this up?! 😂”

“One got paid the other for a party damn y’all give both credit.”

Roman herself caught on to the chatter and simply wrote, “Hahahahaha 🤷🏽‍♀️”

evelyn lozada

That Lozada would choose this character to dress up as is surprising considering the tension between her and Roman on season 7 of “Basketball Wives.”

Roman charged that she heard a rumor that Lozada had slept with one of
Shaunie O’Neal’s exes, the exact identity of whom has not been confirmed.

As the accusations flew, so did some below-the-belt remarks from both Roman and Lozada.

“You lied on Chad,” Roman said of Lozada’s abuse from ex-husband Chad Johnson. “Because you a fake ass b—. You know you was fighting that man. You were having all kinda issues all along. But because the neighbors saw … now you wanna be the domestic violence spokesperson.”

“You need to worry about something else like your health,” Lozada later hit back during the exchange. “You’re lookin’ like a crackhead these days.”

Unlike Lozada and Jackie Christie, she and Roman have yet to make amends.

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