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Fans Side With Tami Roman after Evelyn Lozada Seemingly Makes Fun of Her Diabetes with ‘Crackhead’ Remarks

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While “Basketball Wives” fans were initially fired up over Tami Roman accusing Evelyn Lozada of lying, they’re now switching sides.

Roman on last week’s episode accused Lozada of “lying on” ex-husband Chad Johnson, whom Lozada divorced in 2012 after he allegedly headbutted her.

“You lied on Chad,” Roman said. “Because you a fake ass b—. You know you was fighting that man. You were having all kinda issues all along. But because the neighbors saw … now you wanna be the domestic violence spokesperson.”

Later in the same argument, Lozada hit Roman with the following diss.

“You need to worry about something else like your health,” she said. “You’re lookin’ like a crackhead these days.”

However, the remark led many to take issue with Lozada, as Roman has openly discussed changing her eating habits as a way to manage her diabetes, which she’s had for years.

“So talking about Tami’s weight and she’s a diabetic.. isn’t a low blow? Y’all blow me domestic violence isn’t the only low blow that was thrown out. #BasketballWives.”

“#Basketballwives So Evelyn saying Tami looks like a crackhead knowing she has diabetes (a disease that can be deadly) isn’t as hurtful as her domestic violence huh? Oh ok. Double standards.”

They also began calling out Lozada for her history of fights on BBW and called out her involvement in her domestic abuse with Johnson — even after she tweeted folks to look up the police report.

“The REAL TRUTH that no one wants to say is exactly what Tami said. If you’re known for fighting every & anybody, throwing bottles and s— people will question your situation… Especially in an argument #BasketballWives.”

“@EvelynLozada you are no VICTIM! You were already a perpetrator of Domestic Violence! Domestic Violence isn’t just Male on Female! The fact is, your reputation and actions on TV showed your violent behavior, so don’t play VICTIM!”

“Tami just repeated what was in the report.. #BasketballWives.”

“Yeah it said that Chad said you headbutted him!”

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