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Quad Webb-Lunceford Squarely Blames Estranged Husband for Dawdling in Settling Divorce

It’s been nearly a year since Quad Webb-Lunceford filed to divorce her husband of six years, Dr. Gregory Lunceford, and now she wants a judge to force the psychiatrist to hand over documents to get the ball moving toward an endpoint.

The Blast reported on March 29 that Webb-Lunceford recently filed court documents requesting that Dr. G hand over financial reports concerning his businesses as well as details about the property he owns, which counts cars, homes and other personal property among them. The “Married to Medicine” star claims the information is necessary for her to be able to get the divorce finalized.

The gossip site reports that Webb-Lunceford states in the documents that she is unable to prepare for an April 8 court proceeding because her estranged husband is dawdling and has yet to answer questions. The “Sister Circle” host also claims she has attempted to settle problems in the divorce in private, but Lunceford has been difficult.

As such, she wants a judge to grant a motion forcing Dr. G to hand over the requested financial docs swiftly.

“As stated in the motion, its purpose is to seek to compel Dr. Gregory Lunceford to produce some business-related records for review and evaluation,” Jeffrey Barnes, Webb-Lunceford’s attorney, said in a statement to the celebrity news site. “Ms. Webb is desirous of finalizing the divorce as expeditiously and efficiently as possible; this filing is simply another step in furtherance of that goal.”

Webb-Lunceford filed to divorce her husband on May 1, 2018. In her filing, she accused Lunceford of “cruel treatment willfully inflicted” upon her, “such as reasonably justified apprehension” for her mental health, and adultery.

Dr. G denied that claim in a filing of his own, which he made by the end of that month. He also claimed his estranged wife took “pre-marital property from the marital residence” without his knowledge or permission. Miss Quad later acknowledged she took the furniture from the home and moved it to her new residence, but maintained it did not violate the county’s standing order.

As for what led the two to splinter, Dr. G has been accused of cheating on Miss Quad, although he has maintained he did nothing when he linked up with a woman at a hotel. Still, he told Atlanta’s V-103 in 2018 that he and Webb-Lunceford had a sexless marriage, something his estranged spouse vehemently denied.

But that’s not all. After months of not seeing one another, the Luncefords faced off during the season six reunion and hurled allegations of abuse at one another with Webb-Lunceford saying her spouse “drug me through the house” and Dr. G charging she “pulled a knife on me.”

The two have no children together.

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