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Miss Quad’s Divorce Just Got Nastier As She Admits to Removing Furniture from Her Home with Husband — Docs Give Details

The divorce drama between “Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb-Lunceford and her husband Dr. Greg Lunceford is getting even uglier as she has accused her spouse of exercising control over her and denyed she wrongly too items from their home.

Quad’s filing, which was obtained by the Jasmine Brand Wednesday, Aug. 8, admits that she did remove items from their shared residence. However, it states that contrary to what Lunceford claimed in his May filing, she did not violate the standing order by doing so.

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ATLANTA, GA – APRIL 03: (L-R) Quad Webb-Lunceford and Dr.Gregory Lunceford attend the “Married To Medicine” Season 2 Premiere at Shout Lounge on April 3, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images)

“Petitioner … states that the Automatic Domestic Standing Order, cited and relied upon by Respondent in his Motion, prohibits the parties from ‘disposing or removing any property from Fulton County’ any of the property belonging to the parties,” the documents read. “Because Petitioner has not removed any property from Fulton County, but instead relocated it to her residence where it remains in her possession, it is impossible for Petitioner to have violated the Standing Order as falsely claimed by Respondent.”

It added that Lunceford’s argument “fails to recognize” the Sanding Order doesn’t stop the removal from any or all of the parties’ property in the shared home. Instead, it only stops the removal of such property from Fulton County.

“Petitioner was and remains free to empty the entire marital residence so long as she does not remove the property from Fulton County or dispose of it,” the filing stated. “It is undisputed that Petitioner relocated some of her personal possessions and furniture from the marital residence to her new home Sandy Springs, Fulton County, Georgia.”

Noting that Lunceford’s claims are “without merit,” the documents add, “Further, given the relatively small portion of property remaining in the marital residence, Respondent’s motivation in filing his Motion is dubious.”

Miss Quad’s filing also claims the attorney’s fees and expenses incurred by her estranged hubby is the result of his “continuing desire to baselessly exercise control and dominion over Petitioner’s life when she acts ‘without authority’ of Respondent.”

Lunceford previously claimed that somewhere on or around May 14, his wife showed up with moves to take items including the master bedroom and living room furniture as well as a washer and dryer and two TVs from their home.

Quad’s filing is the newest piece in the couple’s proceedings, which began after she filed divorce papers on May 1.

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