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‘Married 2 Medicine’s’ Dr. Greg Accuses Quad of Pulling a Knife on Him After She Makes Shocking Abuse Allegations

Quad Webb‘s marriage to Dr. Gregory Lunceford wasn’t only toxic, but abusive, according to a teaser for “Married to Medicine‘s” explosive season 6 reunion.

The trailer for the Bravo show’s three-part reunion, set to air Dec. 21, features a face-to-face sit down between Webb, 38, and her estranged husband after nearly six months of not speaking to one another, PEOPLE reported last month. Their private meeting is moderated by host Andy Cohen, away from fellow cast members Dr. Jackie WaltersToya Bush-Harris, Dr. Simone Whitmore, Dr. Heavenly KimesMariah Huq and Dr. Contessa Metcalfe.

In the clip, an emotional Webb accuses Lunceford of physically abusing her by “slamming her to the ground.”

Lunceford came forward with abuse claims of his own, saying his wife once “pulled a knife” on him.

The shocking claims sparked a flurry of reactions from fans eager to tune into next week’s reunion.

“In my opinion it always seemed like Quad put up with her husband,” one Instagram user wrote. “But it never seemed like she loved him, barely liked him.”

“Mariah, Dr.Jackie and Samone husband was willing to fight for their marriage unlike Quad’s husband,” wrote another. “In my opinion he felt like he could do whatever he wants because he was the bread winner, I’m glad Quad left and never gave him a baby he ain’t deserve that gift.”

One person blasted the reality star, writing, “Quad took the first opportunity she could to get out. Instead of working on your marriage like the old school way she would rather just hit the reset and delete button.”

Quad and Dr. Gregory are in the midst of a nasty divorce, much of which has played out on screen over the last few seasons. The then-couple’s marriage apparently hit the rocks last year when Quad criticized her man for his lack of emotional support. Lunceford, a licensed psychiatrist, stormed out of one of their dual confessional interviews when his wife brought up the topic of divorce during the Season 5 finale.

Ish really hit the fan during the Season 5 Reunion when it was revealed that Lunceford and a male friend had gone to a hotel room with a woman after a long night of partying. Lunceford insisted nothing happened, but Webb saw the incident as an act of ultimate betrayal.

Webb, who stars on daytime take show Sister Circle. filed for divorce a few months later and revealed that she and her husband were living in separate homes.

Watch more in the clips below.

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