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‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Disgusted as Ruks’ Girlfriend Tatti Urges Him to Apologize to Alex and He Refuses: ‘Teddy Is a Punka-s Mf’

Tension at the “Black Ink Crew” New York tattoo shop is at an all-time high after the crew experienced a sudden attack they believe was staged by their former colleague Alex Robinson.

During the season premiere which aired on March 13, a brick was thrown into the tattoo shop by an unknown suspect, causing glass to shatter everywhere. The crew was clearly shaken up and seemingly pointed the finger at their ex-colleague Robinson.

The castmates believed the tattoo artist was out for revenge against Ceaser Emanuel and his cousin Teddy Ruks after they jumped him last season during an explosive fight. Ruks’ girlfriend Tatti, who’s the VP of “Black Ink,” feared for the safety of the shop, and during the March 20 episode she urged Ruks to apologize for his role in physically assaulting Robinson.

“When that brick was thrown through the door I was there and Bae was there, and Kitty was there, we’re all here dealing with it and I think we need to calm things down before stir things up,” Tatiana told Ruks while they were at dinner.

Teddy Ruks

Teddy Ruks and Tatti. (Photo: @VH1)

“You need to apologize to Alex,” she continued. “You beat the s–t of that boy, I would never sucker punch somebody like you did! You played a role in why Alex might have thrown a brick through the shop. … What you did is putting all of us in danger.”

Ruks reassured Tatti that he and his cousin Emanuel had the shop under control, and he was adamant about not apologizing.

“I’m not apologizing for s–t,” Ruks responded. “If Ceas has an issues I have an issue regardless if its right or wrong. When Ceas jumped up that was it, it’s nothing else to talk about.”

“Black Ink Crew” fans applauded Tatti for calling Ruks out on sucker punching Robinson, but not before dragging him to pieces on social media.

“Not a Tati fan but she’s 💯 right on this! And Teddy is a punka-s mf who needs to apologize.”

“I don’t normally agree with Tatti but she kept it real with him but what pisses me off is he wasn’t gone apologize 🤦🏽‍♀️.”

“They was wrong, Alex should press charges on them, and sue them for not being able to tatoo anymore, he shouldn’t have been jumped in the first place, thats foul😡 but Respectttt Tatti‼️❤️.”

“She stated nothing but all facts and Teddy hoeass couldn’t handle the truth and apologize like a man 💯🙏🏽.”

Ruks actually tried apologizing to Robinson via social media in December, a few days after the explosive fight between them aired on television. However, his apology was dismissed by the tattoo artist, who urged Ruks to “pick up the phone” and call him “like a man.”

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