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Tami Roman’s Cryptic Post About Losses Is Seized Upon by Fans as Message About Her Return to ‘Basketball Wives’

It’s been a couple of months since Tami Roman has provided any explicit update about the status of her involvement on “Basketball Wives,” but she may have just given fans a less obvious one.

The actress tweeted Thursday night about trusting in the Lord when it comes to opportunities that don’t always pan out.

“It’s not that you’ve lost…a mate, a friend, a job, an opportunity…you’ve simply been paused so that God can clear your path for the blessings he has in store!! Everything YOU want is not what he wants for you…” she said March 14, possibly hinting that if she’s not on “Basketball Wives” next season then the show isn’t for her.

tami roman

Fans readily accepted her message, which comes amid mounting questions about her being on the reality show.

“AWoman! Everything good 2 you, ain’t always good 4 you!”

“Thank you @TamiRoman Your words came right on time….I got lost for a minute!❤❤❤”

“Exactly preach sis you telling the truth on this one cause sometimes god is trying to block you from some things.”

“I needed this, I lost my job two month ago. 🙏🏻”

While it remains to be seen if Roman lost — or left — her job on “Basketball Wives,” she has been giving lots of indications over the past year that her time on the VH1 reality series may be over.

In addition to her numerous acting, fashion and other side projects, Roman has been hinting over the last few months that she may not be interested in being a star of the long-running program anymore.

While hosting an Instagram Story Q&A, in October, Roman said to a question directly asking if she’d return “No comment.” However, that somewhat contradicted a tweet she made in July amid speculation that her increasingly busy schedule would lead her to bow out of “Basketball Wives.” She said she was not ditching the franchise.

“Let me address ALL of your tweets…whew you got a lot of time. Here goes, sick of me-ok, leaving show-nope, booked&busy-yup but I need All my checks I got bills. Have a wonderful day & rest your fingers 💋,” she said last summer.

And January, Roman was saying something different again, giving fans the idea that she was rather indifferent about being on the program.

“If it’s meant to be it will circle its way back,” she said in another IG Story Q&A when asked about her return.

The clearest answer about her status on the show came when she spoke to “Entertainment Tonight” that month, however. She essentially said she’d be willing to be on “Basketball Wives” again only if changes are made to make her feel more at ease.

“I’m just at a place right now where it’s about protecting my energy and my space and my zen. I have to protect it,” she explained. “And so, even within the ‘Basketball Wives’ world, if I were to go back, certain changes would have to be made for me to be comfortable in that environment. But we’re still in talks. I don’t necessarily know if I’ll return, but we are talking about how everybody can be comfortable in that environment.”


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