Tami Roman’s Giddiness Over Launch of Boots She Designed Comes to a Screeching Halt When a Hater Disses the Price Tag

Tami Roman may be celebrating the launch of her new pair of boots, but one fan has a major issue with the price tag.

Roman’s tan Icon boot launched on designer Jessica Rich’s website on Feb. 27. It’s the first set of footwear launching as part of the “Basketball Wives” star’s shoe line collaboration with Rich.

The boot, which is described as “a classic tapered toe boot that has been crafted in two colors with a transparent toe that sets the tone of a clean cut style,” retails for $195.

That price point doesn’t work for one fan.

“For $195 no thanks, girl you are from the hood keep it real,” Facebook user Jenny Pichardo wrote on a post promoting the shoes on Sunday.

A back-and-forth ensued between Pichardo and another Facebook user, Catherine White Walker, who defended Roman for her business decision.

“This is a good example of how there will always be someone with negative energy bringing up the past no matter how far someone has come,” she said. Roman also “liked” the comment.

tami roman

Tami Roman excitedly launched her Icon boots in February. (Photo: @tamiroman/Instagram)

After Pichardo defended her position by remarking on the lack of affordability of the product, White Walker was adamant that the boot is actually priced in the average range.

Pichardo’s initial comment led Roman to respond with a lengthy statement making her origins clear, explaining what goes into creating the shoes, including money, and why she decided on that particular price.

“Jenny Pichardo I think you have me confused, I am NOT from the hood! Although if I were I’d rep without a problem, let that be known. I was on EBT for approximately 16 months due to poor money management,” Roman said. “However, that’s neither here nor there… there are costs involved with MANUFACTURING a shoe FROM SCRATCH (not some China s–t we slapped our names on) and I kept the shoe at a price point that generates minimal profits for my partner & almost NOTHING for me because I respect hard working individuals, single moms & lower income situations.


Tami Roman

The Icon boots, retailing for $195 on jessicarich.com, are currently available in tan. (Photo: @tamiroman/Instagram)

“Unfortunately I couldn’t slap some red paint on them then you’d be clamoring to pay $700 or double GG’s then I could’ve gotten $1500 out your pocket,” she added. “Nope, I’m a Black female doing my best to do right & grow in an industry where we aren’t represented & still simple minded ppl will hate! BUT GOD!”


Regardless, other fans applauded Roman’s shoe launch and vowed to go purchase them.

The argument struck Roman so that she shared what happened on her Instagram Story Tuesday, March 5.

“This is happening on FB. I’m so baffled and disheartened at how people would rather undermine another person’s grind than to support growth, advancement & see hard work pay off,” Roman wrote.

Roman has made it clear she’s always wanted to pursue something that is true to her and explained to Footwear News last month that she’s focused on doing what makes her happy.

“I don’t do things because someone else is winning in that lane. I do things I’m passionate about — and in the event it doesn’t take off, I can say, ‘But I still love it!’”

tami roman

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