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Folks Stick Up for Rasheeda Frost Against Those Upset With Her for Posting ‘Sold Out’ Merch From Her Boutique: ‘Why Would You Post This?’

Rasheeda Frost faced backlash this week from angry fans who inquired about purchasing her fashions.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star owns clothing boutique Pressed and frequently models her merchandise on Instagram. She donned one particular ensemble on Thursday that caught fans’ attention, but it unfortunately showed up as sold out on her company’s site by the time some folks went to purchase it.

The outfit included a pink long-sleeve shirt emblazoned with a red sequin mouth, matching pink bottoms, and a pair of flesh-colored pumps. Frost wrote in her caption, “Had to get the pink tho 👄 new drip baby!! 😘 outfit:”

Rasheeda Frost

Rasheeda Frost. (@rasheeda/Instagram)

Seemingly, after checking on the Pressed site, furious fans asked why the 36-year-old would promote clothing items on social media if they were sold out.

“This outfit is definitely not on the website 😑,” said one fan.

Another person commented, “Ok but it’s sold out @rasheeda 🙄 why post it if we can’t buy it?”

“I can’t find this on the website… this ain’t right,” someone else wrote.

Fans of the reality star raced to her defense, noting that Frost probably had uploaded the post of the outfit before it sold out later that day.

“When she posted it it was NOT sold out 😒!” one person exclaimed. She did her thing on this outfit here, your comment was not necessary.”

“Yall do realize her clothes sell it out right 🙄? Why you going in on here so hard?” another fan mentioned.

Over the past year, Frost has sometimes been scolded for her customer service skills toward fans. Earlier this week, she was checked by social media users for her curt reply to a potential customer who sought to buy merchandise from her.

The reality veteran also receives flak for her company’s “no purchase no picture” policy posted in stores. In July 2018, her mother Shirleen Harvell, who works at the boutique from time to time, got into a heated confrontation with a group of fans who asked her to take a picture although they didn’t purchase anything.

Harvell told them no, and then, after being accused of being rude, went off on them by saying what is rude is when “Black folks b—-in’ about how other Black folks do.”

Frost never addressed the incident, but her “no purchase no picture” policy remains at both her Houston and Atlanta Pressed boutiques.

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