Rasheeda Frost Checked After Her Curt Reply to Fan Seeking to Buy Some of Star’s Merch

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Rasheeda Frost got put on blast recently for her ostensibly impolite behavior.

The VH1 star, who’s known for her modish fashions, took to Instagram on Saturday and posted an image of herself sporting some of her Pressed boutique wear. She donned a neon-green bodysuit, a medium-washed denim jacket and a pair of yellow distressed jeans. Frost accessorized the look with neon-orange pumps and a neon-green embroidered beanie.

She wrote in her Instagram caption, “Neon vibes!! Jeans & Bodysuit from pressedatl.com 😘.”

Rasheeda Frost

Rasheeda Frost. (Photo: @rasheeda/Instagram)

A fan who seemed to be feeling Frost’s ensemble asked the celeb where she could purchase the outfit.

“I love 💕 this outfit,” the person wrote. “How can I get this outfit? I’m living in Florida.”

Frost replied, “read the caption.”

Rasheeda Frost


A group of other fans felt the “LHHATL” star’s response was “rude” and dragged her for having bad customer service.

“Wow that was rude!” one fan exclaimed.

Another added, “That sure was a rude reply. … It if weren’t for your customer you wouldn’t have the business.”

That’s a damn shame a beautiful person with a bad attitude,” someone else commented. “she’s even more rude in person honey! She be acting like she’s doing the customers a favor, but in reality, they are the ones keeping her lights on! I can’t stand her attitude! 🙄.”

Others jumped to Frost’s defense against those accusing her of having a not-so-friendly attitude.

“How come the woman who asked does not think it is rude 🗣?! We have to be careful of text tone and people who want to be seen on @rasheeda page. STOP IT 💯!!!!”

“Imagine how any people don’t read the caption and how many times she would have to reply to this when she put it right up there 🗣. JS.”

This isn’t the first the 36-year-old reality star has been accused of being rude to her fans. In July 2018 there was a heated verbal altercation at her Houston clothing boutique due to her “no purchase no picture” policy. The star’s mother, Shirleen Harvell, was working at the store during the time of the dispute and was asked by a pair of fans who didn’t purchase anything if she’d be willing to take a picture.

Harvell told them no, and then, after being accused of being rude, went off on them by saying what is rude is when “Black folks b—-in’ about how other Black folks do.”

One of the two shot back at Frost’s mother, “You just like the b— that’s on TV.’

Harvell fired back, “Well, I am the b— that’s on TV! You damn right!”

Frost never addressed the incident, but she continues to set her “no purchase no picture” policy at both her Houston and Atlanta Pressed boutiques.


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