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Rasheeda Frost’s Mom Gets Into Public Spat with Customers at Pressed Boutique

“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Rasheeda Frost’s mother got into it with some fans of the show over the weekend in a clip that swiftly went viral online.

A video, which was reportedly posted by Debra Mims on Facebook before she privatized her profile, shows Shirleen Harvell getting upset at LHHATL viewers whom she went off on saying what’s “rude” is “Black folks b—-in’ about how other Black folks do.”

The dispute seemed to stem from fans walking into Harvell’s daughter’s Pressed boutique in Houston hoping for a photo without buying anything, according to the two women. It appears to be store policy to give photos only for those who purchase something. Harvell, who early on asked the women not to film her, disagreed that was her issue.

“You just like the b— that’s on TV,” one of the women says.

“Well, I am the b— that’s on TV!” Harvell replies. “You damn right!”

After a heated back and forth between Frost’s mother and the women, Harvell yelled that the policy is “pictures upon purchase, it’s f—ing optional! You don’t have to take it! You can leave!”

Things calmed down some and one of the women explained they only came from Austin, Texas to eat at Sweetie Pies and visit Pressed, but then Harvell began acting “so rude.”

“Wait a minute, y’all started cussin’ me out first,” Harvell responds. “She called me a b— and everything else. I didn’t say s— to you. It’s f—ing optional! You do not have to take a picture! You don’t have to buy s—!”

As the video spread like wildfire online, fans — along with “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams — began chiming in.

“These ghetto goats would never go in Saks and act like this.”

“Listen, when you are a celebrity this is what you sign up for: pictures, fans, shows, crowds, [giving] your life to be public. There is no privacy in the spotlight. S— I would be thrilled somebody wants a photo with me. S— they ain’t rude, they are fans lol. Come on, Ms., take a photo. That’s bad customer service lol.”

“It’s funny to read the comments of people supporting these girls for expecting a picture. Like, I am so with the policy. You not going to disrupt my life for 7 minutes rotate and correct picture angels and not spend a dime to front on social media like you were balling out in the store while searching on these pop-up fashion sites buying the next closest thing for $12.49 and playing like you supported the business. I support her and the quick dismiss she now has wasted 45 minutes of her life arguing then questioning her sanity trying to identify with their viewpoint as most crazy people do when standing strong and wrong.”

“She’s at work like tf! Bet they ain’t even buy nothing… then to curse at her mom #FakeFans,” wrote Williams.

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