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Tami Roman Is Over ‘Basketball Wives’ Drama, Taps Down Viewer Who Tries to Reel Her Back In

Tami Roman has cast doubt on her return to “Basketball Wives” next season and she’s since been making moves far outside the grips of the reality series.

But a viewer attempted to drag her back into the fray on Twitter Tuesday and the actress was not here for it.

“@EvelynLozada & Jackie even…I love Jackie but Tami. she thinks she knows too much. she loves giving out those punches but… @ShaunieONeal plse hear fans out.. @EvelynLozada is a boss…” tweeted @Charneychantal in a now-deleted post on Feb. 5.

Roman caught the diss and made sure to inform the social media user she wanted no parts of any drama the woman attempted to pull her back into.

“Please don’t @ me, reply to those who’d like to hear your thoughts,” Roman replied tactfully.

tami roman

Fans readily applauded Roman’s response.

“Tell her TAMI🤣🤣🤣”

“Tami is OVER IT and I don’t blame her for shutting that s— down folks be wanting to keep s—  going which is what the fan wanted 😒😒😒”

“Team Tami all day long. ..”

Roman had a rough go of it during season 7 of the VH1 series. She butted heads with Evelyn Lozada over the latter allegedly sleeping with Shaunie O’Neal’s ex. And in a particularly heated argument, Lozada took aim at Roman’s weight loss.

“You need to worry about something else, like your health,” she exclaimed. “You’re lookin’ like a crackhead these days.”

However, the remark didn’t come out of thin air. Lozada’s crack came after Roman claimed the “Livin’ Lozada” star lied on her ex-husband Chad Johnson over their 2012 domestic abuse incident.

Still, Roman spent the majority of the season defending her appearance, which was noticeably slimmer than before.

“I didn’t lose weight, I lost my willingness to die. DIABETES IS NO JOKE!” The “Bonnet Chronicles” creator said June 14. “I detox, suppress my appetite and make better food choices. So enjoy yourself laughing, leaving negative comments & calling me a ‘crackhead’…but I have two beautiful daughters and I’m gon’ live for them by ANY means necessary. 💯 #BeBlessed #HealthyforMe.”

In the months since she walked off the set of the reunion, Roman has been putting her issues with the cast firmly behind her. Instead, she’s thrown herself into work, including her recently wrapped first season of “Carl Weber’s The Family Business” and a reality series focusing on her blended family called “Beverly Trill Billies”.

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