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Tami Roman Challenges Evelyn Lozada to Fight, Then Ditches Reunion After Jabs Land Below the Belt

Tami Roman up and left the “Basketball Wives” reunion, which aired on Sunday, Sept. 16, just like it was reported she had months ago during the taping.

Roman’s issue stemmed from emails co-star Evelyn Lozada allegedly sent to show executives about Roman’s personal life.

“The email… was a very personal topic about my life with my guy,” Roman explains. “And I felt like it was inappropriate and unconscionable.”

Lozada claimed Roman, who earlier apologized for taking digs at Lozada’s allegations of domestic abuse, told Shaunie O’Neal “you could no longer have kids no more,” which Roman denied doing.

“Non–embryo–havin’…” Roman says to herself.

“Excuse me? I just had mine, honey,” Lozada says before hitting Roman below the belt. “My eggs still work, boo-boo. Thank you. … Yours are fried as f—.”

“Miscarriages aren’t anything to make fun of,” Roman replies, mentioning her struggles to get pregnant.

After trading barbs about the women getting their own shows — Lozada landed “Livin’ Lozada,” while Roman is working on “Beverly Trill Billies” — Roman challenges Lozada to meet her outside.

“You’re too old,” Lozada says.

Not long after, Roman thanked her castmates for “an amazing season” before bouncing.

“It’s time for me to go,” she says.

Before host Marc Lamont Hill could successfully get Roman back on set, Roman changed her outfit and hopped in her car. She did not return to the set.

Fans watching the show at home swiftly began chatting about what had occurred.

“The real reason Tami Roman left the reunion is because when she asked Shaunie, shaunie turned her back and forgot if they had that convo, shaunie is more loyal to evelyn than tami and tami sees that coz she is a real one #BBWReunion”

“I’m so happy Tami Roman left the reunion. She has grown so much. Don’t let them bring down girl #BBWReunion.”

“Since Tami left the reunion, is her job in jeopardy? #BBWReunion.”

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