‘When Will These Lies Stop?’ Fans Don’t Believe Nick Cannon’s Message from Wendy That Family Is ‘All Good’


As Wendy Williams enters her sixth week away from her daytime talk show, Nick Cannon has stepped in for hosting duties for a few days. On his first show Monday, the actor-rapper gave fans an update on Williams’ health and the state of her marriage. But fans were unconvinced.

Cannon told the studio audience of “The Wendy Williams Show” Feb. 4 that when he called Williams she sounded “sounded amazing” and “her spirit was so big.”

Then, the “Wild ‘n’ Out” host addressed the state of Williams’ family, which has been plagued by rumors of infidelity for years. Recently, the host’s husband, Kevin Hunter, has been accused by his estranged mother of physically abusing Williams.

“I also had a conversation with her and her family,” Cannon says. “She said she wanted to speak as a family unit. Her, Kevin and Little Kevin they said they are all good. The love and the passion is still there, because that’s what you need in times like this is for your family to stick together with you.”

On top of the abuse rumors, a report surfaced that Hunter had impregnated his alleged longtime mistress, Sharina Hudson. However, Williams’ representatives sent a cease-and-desist letter to the website that published the story. Meanwhile, Williams has been focused on her healing as she continues to recover from a broken arm and complications from Graves’ disease, which has led her to spend “significant time” in the hospital.

However, Cannon, whose hosting stint on “Wendy” will run through Wednesday, said Williams is aware of all the chatter and controversy but wants to push that aside and focus on getting better.

“She hears the things about people talking about her family unit and what’s going on,” the substitute host explained. “And she was like, ‘You know what? We don’t want to bring that negative energy when you’re trying to heal.’ And you need your family and you need your friends when you’re going through moments like this. That’s when love is truly tested, when you know I’ma stick through this regardless of what’s going on, we right there.”

Cannon added Williams assured him she’d be returning to her show and said, “Have fun, but don’t get too comfortable, because I’m coming back!”

Regardless of his rousing message of unity, viewers are skeptical about the state of Williams’ marriage.

“I don’t believe a word of it. They sent Nick to do damage control before she maybe reappears.”

“It was all good until he mentioned Kevin and the passion still there! When will these lies stop! Damn it Wendy u can’t be this weak! Leave his cheating abusive a$$”

“As soon as Big Kev was mentioned that was it for me…what a load of BS…!!! Nick dude why you lying…???!!!🙄😡😬👎”

“Nick Cannon, stop lying. We know Wendy isn’t gone because of her Graves Disease. It’s because of her cheating husband Kevin and her trying to regain her strength to solve the mess he got them both in with cheating and abuse.”

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