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‘Let Me Tell Y’all!’: Tammy Rivera Has Folks Cracking Up With Post About Waka Flocka

Tammy Rivera recently revealed to fans just how much her husband, rapper Waka Flocka, presses her buttons.

Some would describe the nature of Rivera and Waka’s relationship as playful, but the 32-year-old mother said her husband knows how to ruffle her feathers. She took to Instagram on Monday, Feb. 4, and shared an image of her and Waka at an event, seemingly for Super Bowl LIII weekend. In the image, Rivera looks to be in a state of shock while the rapper has a sly grin on his face.

“Let me tell y’all what this man did!” the star wrote in her caption before explaining the reason for her facial expression. “Right when we got to the red carpet and cameras started flashing he whispers in my ear… damn baby your make up look white as hell today and your lashes coming off! 😩 (look at my face). Then he says sike I’m just fu–ing with you!”

Tammy Rivera

Tammy Rivera gives husband Waka Flocka the reaction he was seeking. (photo: @tammyrivera)

Rivera then jokingly recounted an episode of “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition,” a reality series the couple appears on, where she talked about how her husband antagonizes her to elicit a reaction.

“This the s–t marriage bootcamp was talking about 😂 He antagonizes the s–t out of me on a regular!!” the 32-year-old model exclaimed.

Fans of Rivera and Waka cracked up in the comments while appearing to relate.

“😂 That’s his crazy a– way of showing love while getting on your nerves!” one fan joked.

“I love y’all he can’t help it🤣🤣 he’s your Aggy 💪🏾💯❤️,” another added.

One fan said her husband does the same, “Girllll my husband is the same way 😂😂! That’s love right there. Enjoy every moment of him 😂.”

The episode of “MBC” Rivera referred to in her caption was episode 1 when Waka revealed to viewers that she pulled a gun on him during a point in their relationship.

“She threw a f—ing drill gun at me. … She hit me in the head with a f—ing lamp before, she pulled a gun on me before,” the rapper admitted on the We TV series.

Rivera followed up her husband’s confession by saying, “He antagonizes me.”

Waka later stopped by Atlanta Black Star on Jan. 15 to explain why his wife threatened him, saying he believes she had no real intention to hurt him.

“I just woke up with it in my face,” the rapper told ABS. “She bucking and s–t and I’m like ‘put this s–t down, stop talking to me with a gun in your hand.’ … I don’t think she was going to do it to hurt me. … She did it like ‘brah, chill out, love me.'”

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