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Cassie Posts New Photo with Boyfriend Alex Fine and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Seemingly Responds

Cassie shared a new photo of herself and rumored new boyfriend Alex Fine, and it seems Sean “Diddy” Combs responded.

The new pic shows Cassie and Fine dressed to the nines at some sort of formal event. The model and singer is also snuggling up to Fine in the pic, which was a big hit among her fans.

Sean "Diddy" Combs seemingly responded to a new photo of Cassie and her boyfriend Alex Fine.


“When you’re done getting played like a fool and upgrade to a real man,” one person wrote. “Round of applause to @cassie. Sorry not sorry.”

But others, seemingly a lot of the men, didn’t like that Cassie was posting pics of Fine so soon after the Diddy split and felt it was wrong.

“Damn,  already with a new, n—,” one person wrote.

According to reports, Diddy actually liked the new photo of Cassie and Fine, which sparked the question on social media if he’s really happy for her or was being sarcastic in some way. Plus, he posted a message to his Instagram page, one day after Cassie shared the new pic of her rumored beau.

“You are being presented with two choices: Evolve or repeat,” Diddy posted.

Many of his followers felt the message was all about Cassie and their past relationship.

“Cassie or the other,” someone wrote.

But others responded by taking shots at the 49-year-old, and they teased him about the breakup.

“She evolved,” one person commented.

“There’s so many beautiful women and he knows that,” a third fan wrote. “And he also knows that there’s only one Cassie.”

News of the former couple splitting came in October of last year, which sent social media into a frenzy. Then in December, Cassie shared the first photo of Fine when they attended a holiday event.

Since then it’s been reported that Fine was employed by Diddy as Cassie’s trainer, and the music mogul feels betrayed that they’re now together. There were also reports that the “Me & U” singer hooked up with Fine before her split with Diddy, which a source close to Cassie and Fine denied.

Cassie hasn’t made an official announcement about Fine yet. In fact, Neither her or Diddy have commented about their split.

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