Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Sends Fans Into a Tizzy After He Splits From Cassie and Starts Dating 26 Year Old Model Jocelyn Chew

Sean “Diddy” Combs and Cassie are done.

According to a report from Love B. Scott, the longtime couple has broken up, which Cassie’s representative confirmed.

Diddy Has a New Girlfriend Who's 26 Years Old And A Model


“They are indeed no longer together and haven’t been for months,” the rep stated.

Plus, it seems Diddy has already moved on, because he reportedly has a new girlfriend, a 26-year-old model of Asian and Icelandic descent named Jocelyn Crawford, aka Jocelyn Chew.

This isn’t the first time there were reports of Diddy and Cassie splitting. The last time was in August of 2016 after they had an argument in Beverly Hills.  

According to TMZ, the fight began in a parked car when Cassie told the rap mogul that she wanted to leave him, and Diddy allegedly grabbed her phone. The police were eventually called, but there were no arrests made.

At this time, neither Cassie or Diddy have personally confirmed the split, but people have already left comments on Jocelyn’s Instagram page. 

“You can never compare to Cassie,” one person wrote.

“Lol. She’s okay, I guess,” wrote another. “Can’t believe Diddy left Cassie for this.”

“This is the [girl] Diddy hooking up with?” a third persona asked. “Yo @cassie, hit me up. Im’a treat you right.”

Other people commented on the 22-year-old age difference between Diddy and Jocelyn, since Diddy is 48.

“Diddy’s old enough to be her dad,” someone wrote.

“This is to secure the bag, I guess,” another person chimed in.

There were also a lot of folks who urged Jocelyn to disable her Instagram comments since her name just gotten a lot bigger with the Diddy association, and her privacy is quickly diminishing.

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