‘Wow. That Was Quick:’ Cassie Posts Surprising Pic Kissing Rumored Boyfriend After Diddy Professes Love

So, who’s Alex Fine? Supposedly Cassie‘s new boyfriend, whom she was recently seen kissing, but more on him later.

Before the smooch, Cassie’s ex Sean “Diddy” Combs seemingly tried to win her affection back. The music mogul and the model split earlier this year after they dated on and off for a decade.

Cassie posted a photo of herself kissing a new man after Diddy showed her love.


On Friday (Dec. 28), Diddy posted a photo of the 32-year-old in a bathtub with a big red heart in the middle and tagged her. Cassie didn’t respond, but one day later she took to her Instagram page and shared a photo of herself kissing Fine at a Christmas party.

“I love you, mommy,” she captioned the photo, since there was a woman in the picture as well.

Cassie’s followers quickly commented and said they were surprised that she’s already claiming a new man, although she’s never said Fine was her boyfriend.

“Wow. That was quick,” someone wrote.

But a lot of people congratulated the part-time singer and said she deserves to be happy with someone new. Some folks also liked the way she introduced Fine so publicly.

“I am so glad you moved on,” on person commented.

“Cassie, do you baby,” another wrote. “Don’t love nobody that don’t put you first. No sharing. No baby mama. You are wifey material.”

“Okay, but y’all see how she made it public, though,” a third person stated. “Like a boss.”

As far as Fine, E! News reports that he’s a 25-year-old old bull rider and personal trainer for celebrities. His Instagram page shows that he’s also the director of health for a company called Hemp Hydrate.

Diddy hasn’t responded to Cassie’s post at this time.

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