Fans Applaud Steve Harvey for Trying to Get Men to Step Up Their Style Game with ‘Blue Cheese’ Award

Steve Harvey has awarded several winners with his best-dressed honor on Instagram but the comedian has faced some criticism over his penchant for only giving the “Blue Cheese” designation to men.

Harvey announced plans in October to start declaring the best-dressed folks of the week on Instagram. He explained that years ago in Philadelphia, a man told him he was “so clean” and that he’d “start calling you Blue Cheese” because “’cause you be dressing.”

The daytime talk show host gave the first Blue Cheese Award to Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton in November. And he’s only given it to men ever since including actor Michael B. Jordan and former Baltimore Ravens tight end Shannon Sharpe.

“So what I’m doing is, I been giving it away to mostly men,” Harvey begins in a Monday, Dec. 3 video. “Now, I been getting a lot of comments from women: ‘Steve, where the women at? Where the girls at? We clean too.’ And I agree, but I’m trying to generate a thought process in a lot of these young guys’ mind that being fly should be in style. I’m tryna bring cool back to show men that it’s always nice to be dressed.

“I know y’all got to be tired of going out on these dates with these dudes [with] these baseball hats on and these ironed white t-shirts and y’all sitting over there with your little heels on and your little dress and you ain’t matching up real nice,” he went on. “I’m just tryna bring fly back. So hang in there with me, ladies. Uncle Steve is comin’, I’m gon’ straighten it out for y’all … we gon’ recognize women in a minute, but let me get a couple more guys featured so I can get these young dudes to understand that dressing is still fly.”

“I just want the ladies to understand where I’m comin from about this Blue Cheese awards #BlueCheeseAward,” Harvey added in the caption.

Fans responded with resounding remarks.

“So true…don’t put in no effort. 😜”

“Facts uncle Steve!!”


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