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Steve Harvey Launching Competition for Best Dressed with Weekly ‘Blue Cheese’ Award

Steve Harvey is about to honor the best-dressed person in a weekly award he’ll be handing out on his show.

The “Blue Cheese Award” is going to be given out on Fridays online according to an Instagram video uploaded to the “Steve” host’s Instagram page Oct. 26.

“Listen up everybody, I’m gonna tell you a true story,” he says. “A few years ago in Philadelphia, I was performing and a guy came up to me and said, ‘Steve, man, you always so clean. Man, I’m gon’ start calling you Blue Cheese.’ He said, ‘You know why they call you Blue Cheese?’ I said, ‘Naw, man, why?’ He said, ‘Cause you be dressing.’

“Since I was the original Blue Cheese at 61 years old, Uncle Steve is gon’ start passing out a weekly award called the ‘Blue Cheese Award,'” he continues. “The ‘Blue Cheese Award’ goes to somebody that I choose because I just like they style that week. I like the way they putting it down, I like the sharpness, the boldness, the crispness. The attitude. So every week from now on — on Fridays — I will release the ‘Blue Cheese Award.’ Hope you get one!

“And they call me Blue Cheese ’cause I be dressin’!” he adds with a laugh.

Whether or not the honor is just a designation or there’s an accompanying prize isn’t clear but fans were eager to vie for the title regardless.

“I need to most definitely tune in.”

“Love it sending you my outfit on sat uncle Harvey.”

“@sippithebarber let’s get this ward for you. The daily photo shoot begins Monday. Diva Photography is ready to snap, snap, snap😂😂”

“Please Mr Steve choose me.”

“Is this jus for men or can a woman participate?”

@iamsteveharveytv very inspiring and just want you to know that you encourage, motivate, and inspire me to go after my dreams. #jump #faith# bluecheeseaward.”

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