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‘LHHH’ Moniece Slaughter and Princess Love Square Up But Fans Are Confused As to Why

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” cast-mates Moniece Slaughter and Princess Love are at each other’s throats once again.

The feud between Slaughter and Love continues as the two prepare to come to blows in an upcoming episode. Both cast-mates have been beefing for the past two seasons of “LHHH” after Love commented on Slaughter’s parenting skills and insinuated that she was a bad mother.

In an upcoming episode, the “Compromise” singer throws a whole cake at Love who allegedly throws a wine glass at Slaughter. The two throw verbal jabs at one another across a picnic table as security holds them back.

Moments before Slaughter flings the dessert she yells, “What I’m not gonna do is the b**ch move, that’s what the f**k we won’t do.”

Both cast-mates took to Instagram in September and recounted the incident differently. Love claimed the two didn’t fight at all because security intervened. She wrote on Instagram, “I told this weirdo to meet me after the scene and she takes her sneakers off and runs through dirt in her socks right into securities arms.”

However, Slaughter filed a police report against the new mother and claimed Love threw a rock at her. She also posted a photo of her arm wrapped up in bandages with the caption, “When they can’t match you w/ words. …  When they can’t get to you. …  So they throw stones instead but your ninja reflexes are on fleek.”

The beef between the two VH1 cast-mates has “LHHH” viewers hyped up to see their explosive fight.

“It’s crazy how people think Princess can beat up Moniece 😭.”

“FINALLY! Princess & Moniece bout to fight. The showdown I been waiting for.”

“Princess gonna beat Moniece ass 😂😭 remember she broke Ray Js ankles 😭.”

“Princess really dont want any Moniece. I think Moniece is bat shit crazy and will buss her ass. Princess needs to leave it alone.”

Folks were confused as to why Slaughter and Love were beefing in the first place.

“At this point idk why princess and moniece beefing.”

“I don’t even remember the beef between moniece and princess 🤦🏾‍♂️.”

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