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‘LHHH’ Moniece Slaughter and Princess Love Reportedly Throw Blows While Filming

It’s safe to say “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” stars Moniece Slaughter and Princess Love aren’t planning on becoming friends anytime soon.

The two reality stars have been beefing for seasons on “LHHH” ever since Love questioned Slaughter’s parenting skills and insinuated that she was a bad mom.

Nevertheless, both VH1 cast-mates allegedly got into a physical altercation on Thursday while filming on set together. However, the two stars have different stories of the incident that occurred between them.

Moniece Slaughter

(photo credit: Instagram L; Moniece S. and R; Princess Love)

Slaughter took to Instagram and posted a picture of her hand and forearm wrapped up in bandages. She wrote, “When they can’t match you w/ words. …  When they can’t get to you. …  So they throw stones instead but your ninja reflexes are on fleek.”

The “Never Left” singer posted a video of her with dirty socks on and implied that she and Love fought. Slaughter said that Love told her to “meet me after the scene” for the two can scuffle. Slaughter said she then “hid out” and fought Love with no “shoes on.”

Love, on the other hand, said Slaughter didn’t touch her and insinuated that the singer waited for security to intervene.

“If she don’t shut her ALL BARK NO BITE a** up,” Love wrote on Instagram. “I told this weirdo to meet me after the scene and she takes her sneakers off and runs through dirt in her socks right into securities arms.”

The altercation began after Love allegedly threw her shoes, “champagne flutes of apple cider” and a rock at Slaughter according to Gossip In the City. The rock injured Slaughter and that’s when security stepped in. Slaughter did meet Love outside, but security prevented the two from fighting again.

Fans had mixed reactions to the Slaughter and Love’s beef and said to ” put these two in the boxing ring.”

“I’m sick of them both honestly 🙄,” one “LHH” viewer wrote.

“Grown women with kids fighting is pathetic and ratchet,” another person commented.

One fan added, “They are mothers!!!!!!! Wow!!!! I would never embarrass my son like this! So sad!”

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