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‘LHHH’ Star Moniece Slaughter Presses Charges on Ray J’s Wife Princess Love

Love and Hip Hop stars Moniece Slaughter and Princess Love seem to always be at odds, but now it has been taken to a new level. Slaughter and Love were involved in a heated argument during this week’s filming of the VH1 show. Slaughter filed a police report claiming that Princess threw a rock at her.

Sources told TMZ that Princess admitted to throwing a rock but claimed that Slaughter started the fight. Love said that she threw the rock after Slaughter threw a cake at her.

Last week after the altercation, Slaughter took to Instagram to post a video of her injuries. Her caption said, “When they can’t match you w/ words. …  When they can’t get to you. …  So they throw stones instead but your ninja reflexes are on fleek.”

Love responded on her Instagram and said, “If she don’t shut her ALL BARK NO BITE a** up.” She continued and said, “I told this weirdo to meet me after the scene and she takes her sneakers off and runs through dirt in her socks right into securities arms.”

Fans don’t seem very amused by the ongoing beef between the reality stars, “Grown women with kids fighting is pathetic and ratchet”, “They are mothers!!!!!!! Wow!!!! I would never embarrass my son like this! So sad!”

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