Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Posts Message That Many Believe Is About Split with Cassie

Ever since people caught wind that Sean “Diddy” Combs and Cassie parted ways, it seems they’ve been talking about it on social media, albeit very subtly.

Fist Diddy wrote “I’m single,” after it was rumored that he’s involved with a 26-year-old model. Then Cassie posted a curse-laded message on Instagram and wrote “F— these ho-s,” possibly in response.

People Think Sean "Diddy" Combs' New Message is About His Split With Cassie

After that she uploaded a somber video of herself singing her new song and many believed the lyrics were all about the split.

Now the Bad Boy boss has written another message and whether it’s about Cassie or not, some believe so based on their response.

“I’m at a place in my life where my peace and happiness are my top priorities,” tweeted Diddy. “I avoid placing myself around negative energy.”

Fans immediately began to attach the message to the hip-hop mogul’s ex. “So I guess Cassie became the negative energy after you left her for a younger woman,” one person wrote.

“Are you saying Cassie was not giving you peace and happiness?” another person asked.

“That’s what he’s implying,” someone else answered.

Meanwhile, on Cassie’s page, some are telling the singer to get over Diddy and others are urging her to get back with him. In fact, her page has been bombarded with all kinds of relationship advice.

“@Diddy and @Cassie, I like to see you together,” one fan tweeted. “Come back together, please.”

“She should move on,” another person wrote. “Don’t encourage a young woman to settle for less. She is in her prime and deserves better than some washed up rich dude with a bunch of baby mamas.”

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