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Cassie Reportedly Records New Song About Heartbreak Following Split from Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

It’s been a little over a week since news hit that Cassie and Sean “Diddy” Combs parted ways, and since then she hasn’t said much. She did write the words “F— these ho-es” a few days ago, after it was rumored that Diddy was dating a 26-year-old model.

Cassie Posts Sad Video After Split With Sean "Diddy" Combs.


But now Cassie has posted something else, a video where she seems heartbroken over the split. At least based on the look on her face and the somber song playing in the background. The lyrics of the guitar driven-tune are also telling.

“I’m just trying to get out of my own head. Can’t leave you alone. I just can’t help it,” says the singer. Cassie also wrote the word “#Hungover” in the caption space. Music Producer Chris N Teeb @chrisnteeb reposted the video and said “Hungover” is one of Cassie’s new songs to be released. He captioned the video “sometimes music can express what words can’t.”

Afterward, she just sat on the floor and stared into space with her head slumped on her hand. 

Although Cassie didn’t mention Diddy’s name in the clip or caption, her followers still gave her words of encouragement. 

“I know in time all wounds heal,” wrote sunshinehoney7. “Girl, you are young and beautiful. Can’t wait for when the time comes and you pick yourself up and get back out there. The fellas ain’t ready for you. In the meantime, work on you. It has been 11 years. You were loyal to someone, now it’s time to be loyal to yourself … Don’t let this define you.”

“Cassie, you’re a beautiful, real, humble human being and it shines through you,” another person messaged. “I know you spent so many years of your life with this shell of a man, but things will get better … Use this as a learning experience and you will come out of this on top.”

As for Diddy, he hasn’t said anything about the breakup, aside from confirming that he’s now single. A lot of folks have also expressed that they want him to get back with her.

You can see Cassie’s video below.

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