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Cassie Posts Profanity-Laced Message After Split With Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Becomes Public

A few days ago, word spread that Sean “Diddy” Combs and Cassie broke up, and it seems the singer has responded. There was also a rumor that Diddy started dating a 26-year-old model named Jocelyn Chew after the split.

“F— these hoes,” wrote Cassie on IG stories.

Cassie Posts Message After Split With Sean Diddy Combs


Diddy responded to the chatter as well and denied that he and Chew were an item. In fact, the Bad Boy founder said he wasn’t in a relationship at all.

“Single,” he wrote on social media.

A lot of people have weighed in on the breakup news in recent days, including Wendy Williams who said Cassie wasted 11 years with Diddy — mainly because she started dating him at such a young age and hasn’t been single as an adult all that long.

“She probably doesn’t know how to apply for a mortgage,” said Williams. “I’m talking about the practical things of life … She’s probably always been on his insurance, so she needs an insurance card — Insignia or something to get all checked out, how to buy a car. Is renting, leasing or buying [a car] practical for her? Maybe how to drive a car. Just saying.”

Williams also said that Diddy introduced Cassie to a world that she probably wouldn’t have known without him, so her time wasn’t completely wasted. But some of the singer’s followers gave encouragement and said her time wasn’t wasted at all.

@cassie, I wouldn’t even trip on this n—– @diddy. He’s washed up,” someone wrote on her Instagram page.  “You still got time to do everything you wanna do. Don’t ever think you wasted 11 years … I don’t care what he got …Its time. New year coming, new you. It hurts but you will heal.”

Someone also seemed to have given Cassie advice after reading her profanity-laced message.

“Don’t let them get you to act out of character,” one person wrote. “Be true to yourself.”

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