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Woah! Towanda Braxton Posts Throwback Photo with Her Sisters and Fans Are Astonished by How ‘Skinny’ They Were

Towanda Braxton just posted a throwback photo of herself and three of her sisters and once you see it, you’ll understand why her fans were stunned by what they saw.

In the picture Braxton uploaded on Instagram Wednesday, Oct. 17, she poses fiercely alongside Traci BraxtonTrina Braxton and Tamar Braxton.

“❤️ #funmemories #family #love,” Towanda captioned the post.

Towanda Braxton


The image had fans gushing over how slim the musical siblings were back in the day.

“Omg everybody was super skinny!!!”

“@itowandabraxton y’all were skinny as heck.. Now y’all thick as heck. But with cute shapes.”

“Y’all were so small back then I guess u can call this picture before kids.”

“Omg y’all was super skinny! I’m glad y’all got something to hold on to now lol y’all look like you O.D. On slim fast lmao but you was still cute though.”

“@itowandabraxton you and @trinabraxton HAD to be double zeros. Geeeeez.”

“Look how small Tamar and Trina were. I mean you all were skinny but those two were super skinny. Tamar and Trina look so much alike right here!!”

The photo appears to be snapped before Trina left the quartet, The Braxtons, when she got pregnant.

“Wow! AND I was pregnant!” Trina commented.

Towanda Braxton

But even though she was expecting in the photo, fans couldn’t spot any sign of it.

“@trinabraxton1 pregnant 🤰 were Trina you did a good job with not showing it 😂”

“@trinabraxton1 pregnant where wow ❤️”

“@trinabraxton1 pregnant w what an egg I’m just saying 😍”

And other supporters were stunned by how much the sisters looked alike.

“Of course all you guys look alike but Trina and Tamar could def pass as twins 😍😍”

“Cmon lil Toni’s all y’all look like her in different moments.”

“It’s freaky how much Trina and Tamar look alike.”

The throwback post could be the olive branch that needs to be extended among the siblings after Traci confirmed she hasn’t heard from her sisters since March. The Braxtons have been on the fritz ever since Traci continued with filmingBraxton Family Values” while her sisters ditched the show this summer.

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