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Tamar Braxton and Traci Braxton Not Speaking After Emotional Apology on ‘Braxton Family Values’ Finale

The season finale of “Braxton Family Values” aired Thursday, Oct. 4 and despite and emotional family mediation session with Iyanla Vanzant, things have not wound up harmonious between Traci Braxton and her younger sister Tamar Braxton.

After Towanda BraxtonToni BraxtonTrina Braxton and Tamar walked off the set of BFV with their mother this summer, tensions within the family flared. Flames were fanned even more because Traci decided to keep filming with former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks. Tamar, in particular, took issue with that. In August she went on Instagram to blast Parks’ involvement, which Tamar said the family was “blindsided” by.

“I am confessing that I have been spoiled, obnoxious, emotional, unkind, unfair, disrespectful,” Tamar says when it’s her turn to admit what she’s contributed to the family’s dysfunction. “I have to be honest with everybody at this table. I came into this situation to basically exonerate myself and be right. That’s not my goal anymore. My goal now is to choose to be a better person.”

Fans weighed in on the moment online.

“This was so amazing and emotional…I’m proud of u.”

“Love Tamar for this, much love and respect ✊”

“NOPE! Not buying it!! #GirlBye.”

“She so full of s—.”

Tamar also gave an emotional apology to Traci and begged her to forgive her.

Traci did and asked for the same from her sis. Then, she said their “slate is clean.”

However, a recent interview Traci had with “Dish Nation,” indicated the siblings are still at odds over Traci continuing to film while the rest of the family ditched shooting over the summer.

While acknowledging that if she never had communications with her sisters again it would be “devastating” and feel as if she “lost a limb,” Traci also revealed during the Sept. 27 chat that she hasn’t spoken to Tamar since March.

“My sisters are everything to me. And maybe she’s waiting for me to reach out to her. And I’m waiting for her to reach out to me,” she added.

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