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‘Married to Medicine’ Star Dr. Gregory Lunceford Says He’s Willing to Save His Marriage If Ms Quad Really ‘Desires’ Him

Although Dr. Gregory Lunceford and his wife Quad Webb-Lunceford are currently going through a nasty divorce, there still may be hope for the two to repair their marriage.

During an emotional episode of “Married to Medicine” on Sunday night, Dr. G talked about his relationship woes with his estranged wife and expressed how their separation has been a painful experience for him.

“It’s been very hard,” Gregory told his cast-mates. “I felt like I would have a partner in this and sometimes we’re not a team. I have been to the point where I’ve just been so frustrated and I’ve acted out and done some stupid things as a result of that.”

The doctor was referring to his alleged affair with Jackie Presley-who he denied sleeping with in a recent interview with V-103. Dr. G said he did indeed go inside of a hotel room with Presley but decided to leave before they had sex. He’s stood by his claim that he never cheated on Quad. He told his co-stars it was “a moment of escape.”

Nevertheless, a Bravo cast-member asked Dr. G if there was a possibility of reconciliation.

“I would have to have the faith that my wife really desires me,” Gregory responded. “It comes down to when a person believes that they are not compatible with you no matter what you say or do to convince them.”

The divorce between the doctor and his estranged wife has spiraled out of control. Quad recently slammed Dr. G on “Sister Circle TV” for living his life as a single while still being married.

“Get your paperwork done sir let’s get this done,” said Quad. “Let me tell you this, if you want to be single do the paperwork so you can BE single. Mine is in! Let’s go!”

Quad officially filed for divorce against Dr. G in May after five years of marriage and the pair do not share any children together.

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