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Comedian Red Grant Sheds Light on What Led to Katt Williams’ Feud with Wanda Smith

After Katt Williams video roasting Atlanta radio host Wanda Smith went viral earlier this month, a comedian who has been pals with Williams for years is sharing what may have triggered the roasting to begin with.

Red Grant says on that fateful Sept. 14 day, Williams drove him to V-103 where Grant was a guest on “The Frank and Wanda Morning Show.” As the pair sat in the green room, Grant said Smith came in and greeted him with “love and happiness like she always does.” She really didn’t speak to Williams.

“She hits Katt with shade immediately,” Grant says. “It was a weird feeling because you give me a hug, you don’t give Katt a hug … Maybe there’s something between y’all. … Man just won an Emmy and you don’t speak and say ‘Congratulations.’

Then, Grant claims Smith blurted out to Williams, “Boy, you going on the radio with us? Huh?”

“‘It’s Red’s interview. I’m not even going in the station. I’m just here to chill,’” Grant said Williams replied.

The remark, Grant indicated, was a sign of disrespect.

“Sometimes people gotta understand respect,” he explains. “We don’t have a lot of respect in our community. But that was just showing what type of viciousness she had already planned.”

Williams reluctantly agreed to go in the studio. When Smith and Williams got on the air, the two conducted an interview that led to barbs being traded about one another. Williams took aim at the radio hosts’ weight and hair and also took a dig at her performing stand-up at the Atlanta Comedy Theater while he sells out Phillips Arena. Smith tried to hit back at Williams by calling out his run-ins with the law and deeming him “lil’ mama.”

Smith later explained she felt “attacked” by Williams’ roasting, which rumors claimed was the reason why her husband LaMorris Sellers, went after him the following night at the comedy theater. Sellers, however, explained it wasn’t about that but the fact that Williams told his wife at the venue, “I told you f—king with me woLaMorris Sellersuld make you go viral!” The incident led to accusations that Sellers pointed a gun at Williams, on which the comedian later backtracked. Police are now investigating the incident, but Williams is said not to be cooperating.

Meanwhile, fans who glimpsed Grant’s account of what led to the beef have sided with Williams.

“Wanda tried Katt and was calmly roasted. She was embarrassed and tried to play the victim. Thank you for the truth.”

“Kat spoke truth, not to diss Tiffany or Kevin or Rel but to shed light on how the industry works. He was trying to give you guys the bigger picture but y’all wanna be left in the dark. The truth hurts.”

“‘BOY’ used to address a MAN is disrespectful…PERiOD! She had malicious intentions from jump.”


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