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Halle Berry Teases Angela Bassett About Their Ageless Beauty: ‘They’re onto Us!’

Halle Berry and Angela Bassett are known for appearing remarkably younger than their ages, but if there’s a secret to how they maintain their beauty, the actresses aren’t sharing.

Berry indicated she was keen on keeping the secret between the two of them when she replied to a fan commenting on how youthful Bassett looked at the 70th annual Emmy Awards Monday night.

“Is @im.angelabassett laughing at us because she knows the anti-aging secret and we don’t? She looks amazing! (I think she and @halleberry get together at night and whip up special potions.) #fabatanyage❤️ #thisis60 #fountainofyouth #emmys2018,” Beauty Beat Box founder Marcia Caster posted on Instagram Sept. 17.

The post, which Caster also tweeted, was seen by Berry herself and she may have let it slip just how she and Bassett avoid showing their age.

“Dang @ImAngelaBassett they’re onto us!! 🧪🔮🤣” the “Kidnap” actress said.

Halle Berry

Fans in Berry’s replies also couldn’t help but remark on how the ladies keep up their looks.

“I already told them what it is Halle but they don’t wanna listen #BlackDontCrack lol. And yes you two always look stunning!”

“Lol, that black girl magic always works wonders. ;)”

“Lol both ladies gorgeous and talented.”

“Halle and Angela are my spirit animals. I levitate every time I watch one of their movies. #Fierce #Beautiful #Inspirational #BadAssBlackGirls.”

Both Bassett and Berry attribute their everlasting beauty to their fitness and nutrition regimens.

In July, Bassett told Net-a-Porter magazine that she’s “regimented and rigorous about what I’m eating. Diet is 85 percent of the whole thing for me.”

She also makes time to stay fit when she’s traveling.

“I’ll try to get to the hotel gym and do 30 minutes of cardio and lift a couple of weights or something,” Bassett said. “But I’m not getting up at 4 a.m. to work out.”

As for Berry, she avoids sugar and instead substitutes Xylitol while making sure to manage her diabetes with proper eating habits, according to Good Housekeeping.  The star is no stranger to working out, either. She’s showcased her intense fitness routines on her Instagram page.

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