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Halle Berry Shuts Down Instagram Fitness Game with Amazing Handstand

Halle Berry fans are stunned at the “Kidnap” actress’ latest Instagram post.

Doing an extreme handstand, Berry wrote about the importance of changing things up in your fitness routine up to shock your system and see real results.

“It’s #FitnessFriday and today we talk about the importance of trying something new,” Berry said on Instagram Friday, Aug. 10. “Many of us get stuck in our fitness routines and do the same circuits over and over each week. We do the same exercises for legs, the same for upper body, the same for abs and so on and then we wonder why we don’t see any real change in our body. Well, here is the answer. You have to shock your system and offer your body new exercises that it can respond to.

“Recently, I started doing #handstands with #donkeykicks and I noticed my upper body got stronger and more defined. So today in my stories, fitness icon @peterleethomas will show you 3 easy ways of doing old exercises to shock your body and get faster results. The #planche works shoulders, the #atomicclimber works lower abs and the #pistolsquat works the legs. I guarantee you, you will see a change! I also shared two of my favorite lunch meals to have on the go. As always enjoy! ❤️💪🏽#FitnessFridayHB #Week30.”

Halle Berry

Berry delivered on her promise, with trainer Peter Lee Thomas demonstrating takes on a modified plank and a one-legged squat to name a couple of workouts. Thomas has assisted Berry with her Fitness Friday routines for the last several months and helped her get the shredded physique she currently has.

Fans couldn’t believe what they saw and applauded the star for her effort.

“Thanks to #fitnessfridayHB I get to try something new almost every week ❤️🙌🏻.”

“Dope Page! Keep up the dope content! Stay Inspired! Mob wit the Squad.”

“Oh damn. My twin [beat] me to it.. 😂😂😂 I’m getting there soon @halleberry.”

“You can’t imagine how much you motivate me! Graciasssssssssss.”

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