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Five Times Porsha Williams Left Clues She is Pregnant

Porsha Williams has revealed she’s expecting her first child together with Dennis McKinley, and fans have been overjoyed by the news. While the pregnancy may have surprised the relatively new couple, it wasn’t shocking to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans. The star has been plagued with rumors that she was pregnant all summer, and below are five times Williams added fuel to those reports.

Porsha Williams


Posing with Baleigh

While attending co-star Shamea Morton’s gender reveal party in July, Williams posed with her niece, Baleigh, on her hip.

Fans thought it appeared as if the star had a bun in the oven.

“She’s totally pregnant!!! Omg.”

“Is Porsha pregnant?😌 I’m team Porsha so I’m hoping that she is.”

“I think she is pregnant now too.”

Porsha Williams


A Walk Through a Parking Garage

Williams posted on Instagram last month that she put on a “lazy” outfit and “I wore what didn’t need ironing.”

The relaxed look and apparent belly bulge made fans wonder.

“Well, that laziness do kick in when you are pregnant Ms. Thang. Congratulations!!!”

“She looks pregnant 2 me ijs.”

“She is pregnant cause I know eating grass all day ain’t making her that big.”

Partying in Jerseys and Jordans

While celebrating Todd Tucker’s 45th birthday party in August, Porsha was spotted playfully getting some twerk from her sister, Lauren Williams. But fans thought a bump in Porsha’s Chicago Bulls jersey indicated she was with child.

“Our girl look pregnant 🤨☺️ @neeesssshh.”

“She’s clearly pregnant. Congrats 🎉 🤰🏽.”

“I swear that’s a baby bump 🧐🤗.”

Porsha Williams


An Alleged Pregnancy Photoshoot

When Williams posted a photo of herself in a flowy outfit from Swagg Boutique in mid-August, fans thought it was telling of a pregnancy shoot.

“🕵🏾‍♀️ 👶🏾 bump”

“@porsha4real Are you pregnant?! 🤰🏿”

“Pregnancy shoot lit.”

Boom Bod Fail

One of the most telling signs of a pregnancy came last month when Williams didn’t partake in a 7-day weight loss supplement challenge. Rather than downing a shot of Boom Bod herself, Williams held a box of the drink mix in front of her stomach and had her sister demonstrate.

“Tryna hide that belly lol.”

“U pregnant 🤰 @porsha4real congratulations.”

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