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Porsha Williams Fans Are Positive She’s Pregnant Despite Her Denial

Porsha Williams can’t escape rumors that she’s expecting a child.

Despite an attempt to put chatter of a pregnancy to rest last week, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” on Thursday was once again faced with talk of her starting a family with boyfriend Dennis McKinley.

“‘Move in silence & execute relentlessly!’ *Oh and I was lazy I wore what didn’t need ironing 😂,” she captioned a photo of her walking through an Atlanta parking garage Aug. 16.

Porsha Williams

It appears the star’s bust-bearing top and fitted leggings have given fans more ammunition to hurl accusations of pregnancy Williams’ way.

“We [know] you pregnant girl 😂💋🙏🏽 congrats.”

“Are you pregnant? 😍”

“Well, that laziness do kick in when you are pregnant Ms. Thang. Congratulations!!!”

“You be lazy when you pregnant [Porsha], come on and tell if you are pregnant.”

It seems Williams’ effort last week to put video up that ended any and all speculation that she was with child failed. On Sunday, Aug. 12, Williams posted a clip on her Instagram story where she was prepping to do some pilates. As she panned down her body, she made sure to stop the camera so fans could get a lingering glance at how flat her belly is.

But still, the star failed to convince fans.

“She is pregnant cause I know eating grass all day ain’t making her that big.”

“She looks pregnant 2 me ijs.”

“Porsha is pregnant. You can tell by the photos & the amount of time ppl are putting in to confirm she isn’t (Like Cardi). Next they are going to be posting old pics. They will probably announce it on the show so they can’t say yet. I just want Porsha pregnant & married for a spin off 🤣🤣🤣.”

However, there seemed to be at least one follower who commented on Williams’ recent post saying that her lazy day outfit perfectly demolished any speculation of a pregnancy.

“Ok shut down them pregnancy rumors sis! Waist snatched! 😩😍.”

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