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Porsha Williams’ Latest Video Ignites Fresh Round of Pregnancy Speculation

Porsha Williams has been plagued with pregnancy rumors of late, and her newest promotion on Instagram is adding more fuel to the flames.

On Wednesday, August 29, the “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star posted an ad for a weight-loss shake called BoomBod, which is said to help reduce cravings. However, Williams didn’t participate in consuming it. Rather, her sister Lauren Williams tackled the seven-day challenge to consume the product and shed some pounds.

“@lodwill did it! She completed the 7-day @BOOMBOD challenge, and she looks GOOD,” Porsha said in the caption. “I made sure I kept an eye on her, and she didn’t eat anything bad all week and shed off a few pounds in the process. She looooves to snack, so if she can do it, you can too! Peace, love, @boombod #ad 🚨SWIPE FOR BEFORE AND AFTER.”

In the clip, Porsha notes that her sister successfully avoided munching on Krispy Kreme doughnuts and pointed out that Lauren’s “stomach is completely flat … so the bloat is gone as well.”

As she stood promoting the brand and her sister’s results, however, Porsha had a jacket tied around her waist and the box of BoomBod supplements in front of her stomach.

The odd placement spurred fans to question if the RHOA star was expecting.

“Tryna hide that belly lol.”

“U pregnant 🤰 @porsha4real congratulations.”

This isn’t the first time that Porsha has faced pregnancy rumors.

Just weeks earlier, a post of the “Dish Nation” host strutting through an Atlanta parking garage sparked even more chatter that she’s going to be welcoming a bundle of joy.

“We [know] you pregnant girl 😂💋🙏🏽 congrats.”

“Are you pregnant? 😍”

“Well, that laziness do kick in when you are pregnant Ms. Thang. Congratulations!!!”

“You be lazy when you pregnant [Porsha], come on and tell if you are pregnant.”


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