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Fans Say This Photo Explains ‘Why’ Rasheeda Decided to Stay With Kirk After Multiple Infidelities

Fans claimed Rasheeda Frost‘s throwback photo with her husband Kirk Frost is the reason why she stuck by his side after he cheated on her multiple times.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” couple have been through a few hiccups in their marriage over the past years. The two separated during 2017 after Rasheeda found out that her husband was having an affair with another woman. However, the “Boss Chick” forgave Kirk for his mistakes and the two decided to repair their marriage.

Rasheeda Frost

(photo credit: Rasheed’s Instagram)

On Thursday afternoon, Rasheeda shared a “throwback Thursday” photo with Kirk from the 90’s. The two were hugged up in front of their “Range Rover”. She captioned the Instagram image, “Geeesh @frost117 this a oldie!! 🤣 y’all see this truck tho? Who knows the year of this Range Rover? #southside #riverdaleroad #roverwashard.”

Social media said the throwback picture is the prime “example of through thick and thin” and proves why Rasheeda stayed married to Kirk despite his several infidelities.

“They have a whole life invested, she’s never been with anyone else,” said an Instagram user.

“When people question your decisions they should look at this pic! #imhereforit #loyalty #history #oversomeheads,” another fan wrote.

“I see why she staying with him cause he was her first and he installed in her head that she won’t find another.”

“I see why ya’ll still together! Ya’ll been together since birth!”

“You guys have a whole life together. … This is the ‘why’ everybody wanna know about. #cameup #together.”

One fan added, “That’s why you can’t judge people situations when you on the outside looking in. There’s a lot of time and love invested here, they are still human.”

Rasheeda and Kirk married in 1999 and share two boys together Ky and Karter Frost. The couple almost called it quits after Kirk had a love child with former stripper Jasmine Washington. However, Rasheeda decided to stay with Kirk and give their marriage another chance.

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