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LHHATL Rasheeda Frost Appearing ‘Unbothered’ By Kirk’s Love Child Sparks Suspicion Among Fans

VH1 reality star Kirk Frost of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” finally met his 2-year-old love child on Monday evening’s episode and fans noticed how calm his wife has been throughout the entire ordeal.

On the show, fans watched the father-son first meeting unfold. But many became suspicious after the toddler seemingly recognized his father right away.

After the show aired, Kirk posted a photo of himself, his daughter Kelsie and his love child Kannon together on the playground. He wrote, “🙌🏾😘#thankful.”

Things seemed even more suspect after Rasheeda’s nonchalant attitude. Many fans commented had they experienced the same betrayal in their marriage as Rasheeda, they would have been outraged. Yet Rasheeda has yet to go on a social media rant on her husband’s infidelity. The “Boss Chick” appears to have forgiven her husband “too easily” in the eyes of social media users and seems quite “unbothered.” She posted family photos of him on Father’s day, and then two episodes ago, while VH1 cast-members were in Texas, the couple was seen getting cozy in the bedroom.

Viewers have been contemplating whether or not Rasheeda’s and Kirk’s story-line is fake.

One “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” fan wrote, “He [Kirk] is not paying any child support to that girl!! They all getting checks bc of this fake storyline. I don’t know why wifey was tripping saying why he didn’t call her I thought She didn’t want to know anything about the situation. So you go along with a storyline to get paid just to pay it back in child support nope still doesn’t make sense but I’m not going to argue with you about your opinions. Just saying it doesn’t sound right that he would lie about it being his kid.”

Another person said, “This Kirk and Rasheeda storyline shit is too dried out🤦🏾‍♂️ #LHHATL.

Rumors of Kirk allegedly impregnating another woman have come to light, but the couple has denied the allegations and told Media Take Out the woman was a “stalker.”

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