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Fans Concerned After Bow Wow Attacks ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Crew, Video Released

Earlier this month, we shared the news that Bow Wow trashed some equipment after he got upset while filming his show “Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta.” He also cursed out the crew, attacked some of them and had to be restrained.

Now there’s footage of the incident, and it appears on the trailer of the second season of the show. You can clearly see Bow being held back by Da Brat while he yelled repeatedly. 

Footage of Bow Wow's Meltdown Released


“I’m gonna f— one of y’all n—– up,” he barked. “Get the cameras off of me, will you?”

According to the rapper and actor, he became angry after being told that he couldn’t walk his girlfriend Kiyomi to her car.

Then when he tried to do it anyway, Kiyomi left and he accused the crew of lying to her so she wouldn’t wait around for him. On top of that, Bow told the crew they could no longer speak to him directly, and they’ll now have to go through his manager.

Bow is one of the executive producers on the show, and he said the crew shouldn’t be bossing him around at all.

After the trailer surfaced, some expressed concern for the 31-year-old and said he needs serious help.

I really believe Bow Wow has a mental problem,” one person wrote. “He needs help, but everybody keeps taking him as a joke.”

“Depressed and has nothing to live for besides his family, according to his words,” wrote another. “Goes on reality TV to stir more drama he doesn’t need anyways.”

“I can’t take Bow Wow serious,” a third person commented. “I’m sorry but not really sorry. He tries too hard to prove himself to be something he’s not.”

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