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Bow Wow Blames Staff For His Meltdown on Set

Bow Wow just explained why he went ballistic on the set of “Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta.”

As we previously reported, the 31-year-old was attending a party to celebrate Da Brat getting off probation when something immediately set him off. Afterward, he wrecked three cameras and was accused of attacking anyone who tried to stop him. 

Bow Wow Explains Meltdown


Days afterward, there was a report that said the meltdown had to do with Bow’s girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie, but the details were scarce until now.

According to Bow, he became angry with the “Growing Up Hip-Hop” production crew after they told him he couldn’t escort Leslie to her car.

“One of our staff members kept trying to get me to do this scene with Brat,” he wrote on social media. “I got tired of waiting, which was fine. Brat had a lot of folks to hug and so on, and [I] wanted to walk Kuyomi to her car. I was told I couldn’t walk her. The f— you mean? She’s mine. I’ma make sure she’s safe. I get outside, and she’s gone. Someone gave her false info knowing it would piss me off, which led to me cussing out production.”

Bow then said he should’ve received more respect since, one, he’s the executive producer of the show and, two, he’s an adult.

“As the EP of the show, respect me as such,” he wrote. “Don’t grab my f—— wrist, trying to stop me. I’m not a f—— child … As much stuff as I do. As much promo as I give them, when last season the f—— cast would barely tweet about the show.”

Of course, things could be different behind the scenes, but it appears Bow is going through a tough time emotionally. Just days ago, he seemingly dissed his mentor Jermaine Dupri, and over the last year he’s talked extensively about being unhappy.

He also accused the media of constantly disrespecting him and blasted his fans for not coming to his defense.

In the last part of his explanation, Bow Wow said the crew will no longer be allowed to speak with him directly, and they’ll now have to go through his manager.

“So this how we playing it,” he wrote. “Mark, Tara and Datari my business partners with the show can call me. Bosses talk to bosses. You, on set staff, go through my manager. If you need Bow Wow, it’s a process now for you to even speak to me.”

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