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Bow Wow Loses It, Attacks Crew and Trashes ‘Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Set

Bow Wow recently had a meltdown while filming his reality show “Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta,” and he’s now telling everyone to leave him alone.

As TMZ reports, the 31-year-old was shooting Thursday at the Westside Cultural Arts Center, where there was a party for Da Brat. At one moment, he was totally calm, sources said, then all of a sudden he lost it, to the point where he was unrecognizable.

Bow Wow Has a Meltdown


As of now, there’s no word as to what got Bow so upset but when all was said and done he wrecked plenty of equipment, including three cameras, and got physical with anyone who tried to intervene.

Eventually, police were called, and there’s no word whether the rapper was taken into custody or not. Plus, there’s a chance that Da Brat was involved in the situation.

After the news of Bow Wow’s meltdown surfaced, people reached out and gave him advice, which only seemed to anger him more.  

“Stop f—— overreacting and stop with the sympathy texts to my phone,” he wrote in a now-deleted post. “Ya’ll are not therapist, so stop acting like one. I got this. Thanks.”

Some may not be surprised about Bow Wow’s recent behavior, because he’s talked about being unhappy a lot this year. 

For example, in March, Bow said he was tired of being clowned by the media and accused his fans of not having his back.

“Bored with life. Tired of all this sh–,” he tweeted. “Tired of n—– talking sh–. Always with my name in they mouth, so I’ma stay with this energy right here. Not taking no sh–.”

“Where my fans be at when n—– be chopping me up and the media go in on me?” asked the rapper. “I don’t see nobody defending Bow. Ain’t no army for Bow. But you love me, right? Yeah okay.”

Then in April, Bow visited “The Breakfast Club” and said he thought about killing himself because he accomplished everything he wanted to do and there was nothing left. And in that same month, the rapper blasted his friends and said he’s tired of giving them money.

Now, with his most recent incident, it doesn’t seem like the former So So Def artist is any happier, and it’s clear that he doesn’t want any help. But that hasn’t stopped his fans from leaving encouraging messages on his Instagram page.

“I think this is promotion for your ‘Edicius’ album,” someone wrote. “But if it’s not please go seek help, bro. You can’t change anything if you don’t put in the work. Many people are willing to help you. No one will judge you for helping yourself.”

“If you can’t get through these hard times by yourself get some help or seek counsel from your family, friends or preacher, whatever,” wrote someone else. “And rethink your whole life.”

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