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Kandi Burruss Shocked at Kenya Moore’s Growing Belly, But Then Mom-to-be Revealed Just How Much She Weighs

Kenya Moore is well into her pregnancy but still has a little ways to go before she welcomes Baby Daly. As she waits for her new arrival, she’s agonizing over the pounds she’s packed on since getting pregnant.

“Oh baby! 🤰🏽” Moore captioned a recent Instagram post of her posing outside of Buy Buy Baby.

Kenya Moore


Moore’s baby bump is more prominent than ever in the Sept. 12 photo and Moore is concerned about tipping the scales as she inches closer to the birth of her first child with husband Marc Daly.

“OMG! That baby is all the way out there now,” Moore’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Kandi Burruss remarked.

“@kandi still have a few months to go and I weight 200lbs!!!” replied Moore.

Not long after “Married to Medicine” star Dr. Heavenly Kimes chimed in with some encouragement.

“You look beautiful!” she commented.

kenya moore

And soon other fans swooped in to share their positive messages.

“You look so beautiful Kenya your baby weight is nice you didn’t get too big congratulations to you I’m so happy for you welcome to Motherhood.”

“It’s just water weight. You look Amazing 💖💖💖”

“Congratulations. Some people swore you were faking a pregnancy. Obviously not!!!!! Lol. Glad you are enjoying this beautiful process. Keep the love flowing.”

“@thekenyamoore don’t matter your size Because you caring a Blessing and weight come and go, Keep growing and glowing.😍”

“I just breast feed @thekenyamoore and watch all that weight fall off. ❤”

Moore seems pretty excited about realizing her dreams of becoming a mother. She’s been documenting her pregnancy throughout the summer and sharing exciting developments with fans. From ultrasound appointments to her skin changes and lack of cravings, Moore is not afraid to let her followers get a peek inside her pregnancy.

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