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Kandi Burruss Helps Kenya Moore Settle the Score with Pregnancy Doubters

A few days after Kandi Burruss clapped back at a fan who doubted her “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Kenya Moore was pregnant, the singer made sure Moore proved her baby bump is, in fact, real.

During a viewing party for the TV premiere of her show, “Kandi Koated Nights” and Starz’ “Power,” on Sunday, July 1, Burruss put the camera on Moore, who was lounging in a chair and a plunging mustard-colored dress.

“I need you to stand up, sweetheart,” Burruss tells her pal, who asks her why she needs to get out of her seat, in an Instagram video.

“‘Cause I wanna get a good angle!” Burruss replies before Moore obliges her request. “Yasss for the belly! Yay!”

Moore has been plagued by rumors of faking her pregnancy since she revealed she and husband Marc Daly are expecting their first child together at the RHOA season 10 reunion this spring.

Even after Moore shared her first ultrasound appointment — including showing the monitor — folks remained unconvinced. A baby bump-debuting photo also couldn’t quell the rumors, either. And when she posted another belly-focused photo — this time with her bare bump showing — it seemed fans would finally give it a rest.

Still, speculation that Moore wasn’t actually pregnant persisted even when Burruss posed with her RHOA co-star with her hand on her belly at the airport. On Friday, June 29, Moore got her second peek at Baby Twirl, as she got another ultrasound with her Aunt Lori present.

So when Burruss provided the latest piece of evidence to blow up such rumors, fans began sounding off once more.

“Congratulations!!!!!! This was a long time coming and you have been Blessed.”

“Genuinely happy for her❤❤❤.”

“Ok we get [it], we believe her. She’s pregnant 🙄🙄.”

“You see how she had to rock herself up out that low chair…that’s real!”

“That’s ⛽ stop playing @kandi lol.”

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