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Kenya Moore Asks Fans to ‘Continue to Pray’ In New Post Showing Bare Belly

After Kenya Moore revealed she was expecting her first child at age 47 with husband Marc Daly, several people wondered if the star was using a surrogate or another process to have the baby.

But in a series of hashtags included in her newest Instagram post, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star reconfirmed it was in vitro fertilization that gave the couple their “miracle baby.”

“#BabyDaly is growing! I’m feeling much better now and baby is giving me amazing skin and I’m not having crazy cravings,” she posted on Instagram Thursday, July 12. “Actually, I’m eating less [because] baby is moving up. So far all the tests and ultrasounds say baby is healthy! Thank God. Please continue to pray for our family! #miraclebaby #weloveyou #itsnevertoolate #GodsSpeed #ThatsMrsDalyToYou #babybump #ThankYouJehovah #IVF.”

The new post with her growing belly proudly on display, the reality star the “miracle baby” is healthy and asked fans to continue to pray. Her post was met with new congratulatory messages from fans.

“Congrats Kenya!!! Beautiful blessing. ❤❤.”

“Awww! So happy for you. Shame to bad people. Now, everybody can hush. Phew!”

“Words cannot explain how HAPPY I am for you. Congrats 👍🏾🎈🎉👼🏾.”

Moore was initially tight-lipped about using IVF to conceive Baby Daly, whom she’s also referred to as Baby Twirl, through IVF. This after TMZ photogs caught the newlywed in Barbados in November at a treatment facility.

She later told Us Weekly that she wasn’t opposed to a medical intervention to have a family.

“Let’s just say that we definitely want to have a child. I’m not opposed to treatments, so I wouldn’t be ashamed of that,” Moore said in December when asked about her visit to the easternmost Caribbean island. “Let’s just hope in the next year we will see some results from whatever I’m doing.”

But by May after confirming her pregnancy, she was ready to share her journey openly with People magazine.

“I don’t have a horror story,” she said. “It’s weird because you hear other people’s troubles with the injections and the hormones. And for me, it was a pretty simple process.”

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