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Tamar Braxton’s Son Isn’t Too Pleased About Her Romantic Vacay

While Tamar Braxton is busy soaking up some ocean views on a romantic trip with her new man, the singer’s son isn’t exactly happy about it.

Braxton over the weekend posted a throwback photo of her with her son Logan from August when she apparently informed him that she’d be going on a getaway while he heads off to school.

tamar braxton


“Throwback!! He said where u going w/o me bih,🙄🙄😂😂😂” Braxton recalled Logan saying when the photo was snapped on Aug. 20. To truly get his point across, her son also covered up his mother’s mouth as he casually sipped his beverage through a bendy straw.

While the 5-year-old begins elementary school, his mom has jetted off to a discrete location where she lounged in a cabana by the ocean and ate some breakfast with her apparent new man.

But Logan shouldn’t feel too left out. She gave her main man a shoutout by spelling out his name with a heart next to it writing, “Logan <3” in flower petals.

“Well, guys, I am going to log off,” Braxton said to wrap up her clip. “It’s so peaceful, so beautiful here. I haven’t been this happy in forever.”

The quick Instagram Live stream from her exotic location also gave fans their first glimpse at the man Braxton has apparently been seeing for the last several months.

After initially being spotted out and about with the mystery man in Los Angeles earlier this summer, Braxton has been steadily offering hints that while her divorce from music executive Vince Herbert looms.

She teased fans that she was getting ready for what seemed to be an intimate moment and also openly lusted after a large-footed man as she lounged by the pool. Still, things haven’t been all peaches and cream between her and her new boo. Braxton has also hinted at some strife between the pair. But as of now, it seems the pair is going strong.

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