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Tamar Braxton Lusting Over Mystery Man Has Fans In Stitches

Looks like Tamar Braxton may not be done with men after all. The singer on Tuesday posted an Instagram video of her thanking God for a shirtless, fit man lounging by the pool across from her.

“Lord, Jesus. Ooh, thank you Jesus,” Braxton says as she lusts after her hidden bae.

The clip has many fans talking.

Some remarked about how the fella definitely wasn’t estranged husband Vince Herbert, who Braxton filed to divorce in October 2017. The split came amid rumors that Herbert had stepped out on his wife and fathered a child with a mistress, something Braxton denied.

Meanwhile, others remarked that it signified things were definitely over between the spouses, despite older rumblings of a reunion when they went grocery shopping earlier this summer.

Tamar Braxton

“That ain’t Vince, no nasty lip hanging😂.”


“Teddy Bear < Fit & Fine.”

“Think it’s a wrap for Vince…..”

“Is it safe to say you and Vince are o.v.a.?”

“Lmfaoooooo she is not getting back with Vince.”

Fellow commenters also mentioned how fine the man across the way is, thanking the “Braxton Family Values” star for sharing him with them and giving her props for soaking in the view.

“And thank you for sharing….lol”

“👀💦👅💦 🙏🏾 in ALL things…. we Must give thanks 🤣😂.”

“Level up!!!!! Yasssssss come on sis.”

“You better live your best life with that 🍫.”

Braxton’s post is a turn from another one she made last week seeming to remark about how she wanted to give up on guys completely.

“F— everybody!!! I’m [marrying] T’Chella [sic] and moving to #Wakanda. 🐐💕 Everyone else leave me be!” she said at the time.

Before then, the star was spotted out and about with a mystery man outside of a California restaurant. The man’s identity wasn’t confirmed but fans think this is the same guy in the video.

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