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Tamar Braxton Takes Dig at Ex Husband Vincent Herbert On Romantic Vacay with New Boo: ‘Haven’t Been This Happy In Forever’

Tamar Braxton has definitely moved on from her estranged husband Vince Herbert.

The “Braxton Family Values” star on Saturday, Sep. 9 posted a glimpse of her ocean view while on vacation with her new man. She panned the camera as she mentioned it was “hot as s—” where she is in her cabana, which had her son’s name spelled out with a heart in front of it: “Logan <3.”

But what fans were really eager to see was a glimpse of her new man, whom she’s teased on her Instagram page all summer but whose face she has yet to reveal.

“Show us a glimpse of your man👀”


“When you gone pop out with a manzzz”

That all changed during the quick Instagram Live stream, where fans not only heard her boo, who later scurried away from the camera, but saw a little portion of his face, too.

Tamar Braxton


“Well, guys, I am going to log off,” Braxton says toward the end of the stream. “It’s so peaceful, so beautiful here. I haven’t been this happy in forever.”

Braxton was first spotted out with her hunky man earlier this summer when a local snapped a photo of the singer gazing up at her man outside in Los Angeles.

Since then, Braxton has essentially only teased that she’s got a boyfriend as her divorce from Herbert looms. The star had fans laughing when she lounged by a pool and lusted after her nameless beau, thanking the Lord for her eye candy.

But the star still has her divorce to contend with. Last month, a judge warned her to get the process moving to end her marriage after the case has remained inactive for months. The court said in order for the divorce proceedings to move forward, the singer needs to provide proof that Herbert was served the documents so she can get a default judgment without her husband’s involvement.

The BFV star filed to divorce Herbert in October 2017.

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