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Time Flies! Tamar Braxton’s Son Logan Already Starting Elementary School

Tamar Braxton is sending her son off to kindergarten and while she managed to keep her emotions together, fans are amazed at how much he’s grown.

The singer shared the moment she dropped 5-year-old Logan off at school Monday, Aug. 27, where she gave him a kiss as the pair wore dog-face Instagram filters.

“I can’t believe he’s in kindergarten 😰 my baby was sooo excited!!” Braxton said in the caption of the video. “I’m excited to have my house back and the cartoons aren’t on every television 😂 and I’m SUPER proud of myself that I didn’t cry (this time💪🏽).”

Tamar Braxton

Credit: Tamar Braxton IG

Fans who have watched Logan over the years have been remarking on how big he’s gotten and how fast he’s grown up.

“Wow, he has gotten so big – great job mom.”

“How is he in school already!?!? Where did the time go! I want receipts….💛

“Wow, already he’s getting so big.”

“Y is he so big??? Lorrt.”

“Logan is getting so big. I hope he has an awesome school year. 😍”

“Time seems to fly on by. Enjoy every precious moment. 💙 Have a blessed school year [Logan].”

Logan starting his first day of school comes after his mom spent a fun-filled summer with him, which included a birthday celebration at Disney World and a visit to Sea World.

And while Braxton managed to keep things together and not shed any tears over Logan entering elementary school, that doesn’t mean she’s not going to miss him. Still, she spoke about her desire to get her house in order and away from so much kid fare days earlier.

“Why is my kid the only kid who is not in school yet? 🤔 I ❤️ him but it’s time to go, boo!! 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. for the Lord!” Braxton wrote on Instagram Wednesday, Aug. 22.

She added in the caption that she meant “absolutely NO shade & with all the love in my heart🙏🏽 BUT #ineedanswers.”–nmr0/

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