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Bow Wow Seemingly Disses Jermaine Dupri: ‘Snoop Put Me In the Game Not You’

Did Bow Wow just diss his mentor Jermaine Dupri? It’s possible, because he just sent a tweet that’s bound to get a lot of attention.

“Snoop put me in the game, not you,” wrote Bow.

Bow Wow Accused of Dissing Jermaine Dupri


Of course, the 31-year-old has been linked to Dupri since the start of his career, but Snoop did discover him at 5 years old and got him a deal with Death Row Records. 

If Bow’s tweet is about Dupri, it wouldn’t be the first time they’ve had a rumored falling out. Because it happened when he left Dupri’s So So Def label to seek out other companies, and he ended up on Cash Money.

Plus, just this year, on the series “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta,” Da Brat blasted Bow’s decision to take his music to other labels besides So So Def.

“[Bow Wow] is going to different record labels,” she said. “To me that’s kind of like a slap in the face. That’s not loyalty. When the chips are down you stick with your f—ing people.”

Bow has certainly been going through a difficult time as of late. Just last week, he had a meltdown and trashed the set of “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta,” and earlier this year he admitted to having suicidal thoughts.

From the way it seems, things took a bad turn for Bow after he was roasted online several times in the last year, and it came to a head when he lied about being on a private jet. That eventually sparked the #BowWowChallenge, where people had to act like they were living a fancier lifestyle than they really were.

After Bow’s cryptic tweet, many shared their thoughts on his page and said he needs to give Dupri his credit.

“True. But J.D. help mold you into the icon you are,” one person wrote.

“How many legends Snoop made?” wrote someone else. “Snoop artists never made [it] or flopped. You would’ve been a never was if it wasn’t for @jermainedupri. Never forget to appreciate those that made you.”

Dupri hasn’t responded to any of this yet, but you can see more comments below.

Bow Wow’s Failed Attempt at Flexing Turns Into Hilarious #BowWowChallenge

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