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Fans Think Tami Roman Shaded Shaunie O’Neal In ‘Fake’ Friends Post

Tami Roman might have just issued a message about her “Basketball Wives” co-stars.

The “Bonnet Chronicles” creator on Thursday posted a memo that warns her followers to be aware of signs that those around them aren’t always the way they seem.

“God will keep exposing the fake ones. Just don’t be blind to the signs,” it read.

“Keep track of the ones who say, never do…of the ones you check on, but never check on you…of the ones who you believe in, that don’t really believe in you…of the ones that ride the praise train when money’s involved…of the ones who smile in your face, but snarl behind your back…of the ones who talk to much, but always embellish…the list goes on and on! Watch the signs 💯,” she added in the caption.

Fans who spotted the post immediately began speculating she’s calling out one of her BBW co-stars in particular, Shaunie O’Neal.

“🙌🏾🙌🏾 Ms. Shady O’Neal one of them.”

“#Shaunie O’neal.”

“@tamiroman are you still friends with Shaunie, honestly my opinion is that she is fake to you, clearly picked a side, that is not ok……..”

“And Shaunie is one of ’em 🤔.”

Others simply thanked Roman for dropping facts.

“@tamiroman this is so true, I had to laugh to keep from crying, seen the fake smiles, and the snarl.”

“Facts! You’ll start noticing your circle get smaller and smaller then you realize you’re standing all by yourself and you feel rejuvenated. Freed myself for me.”

Just weeks earlier, fans accused O’Neal, who in addition to starring on “Basketball Wives” also serves as an executive producer, of turning against Roman for ratings. A July 14 Instagram post saw O’Neal enjoying some pool time with Evelyn Lozada, who Roman clashed with earlier in the season over a rumor about the “Livin’ Lozada” star sleeping with an ex of O’Neal’s. The pair wound up trading insults, including Roman accusing Lozada of lying about her domestic abuse and Lozada making fun of Roman’s weight.

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