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Fans Accuse ‘Basketball Wives’ Shaunie O’Neal of Turning on Tami Roman for Ratings

Basketball Wives” stars Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O’Neal posted a fun video of them hanging out in the Bahamas and fans are confused.

In the video that was shared by the “Basketball Wives” Instagram page, O’Neal rocking a protective braided style, and Lozada are in a pool with two other friends.

Many fans believe that O’Neal is spending more time with Lozada and less time with fellow cast member Tami Roman to get more viewers to their show. The “Bonnet Chronicles” comedian and O’Neal began to distance themselves from each other after she revealed Jennifer Williams told her Lozada slept with O’Neal’s ex. Fans wonder why she’s so quick to forgive Evelyn and not Tami.

In past interviews O’Neal has called Tami a “sweetheart” and Evelyn a “bully.” 

Fans sounded off.

“I can’t stand Shaunie with her fake ass!!!”

“This whole season has been a mess to me , first off Evelyn is mad at tami for making comments about her #dvcase ,which wasn’t okay but in the same breath you talking about her health and saying she looked like a crackhead knowing she has health issues , no one is right in this whole thing and to make matters worse !! SHAUNIE HAS NO REAL RESPECT FOR TAMI SHE FAVORS EVELYN , she always chooses her over tami which is f*cked up because tami ALWAYS has her back ,”

“I’m not saying she’s fake for hanging with Evelyn. She’s fake because she is messy and has no loyalty when she laughs behind her friends backs.”

“They two grown woman that is not shaunies fault she has the chose to choose who she befriended.. that’s their beef not hers”



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